Staying Out of Court

Many people begin the divorce process without realizing they have choices about how to proceed. If you are preparing for a divorce, the decisions you make now can have a significant impact on your future, both emotionally and financially. We think it is critical for divorcing people to understand that they may be able to save time, money and energy by keeping their divorce out of court.

Litigated divorces, which involve courtroom appearances and the significant involvement of a judge, are generally more stressful, more expensive and more emotionally damaging than dissolutions settled outside of court. Attractive alternatives to litigation may be available to you.

Exploring Sensible Divorce Alternatives

At Presley & Goodrow, our attorneys excel at helping clients find creative solutions to the challenges of divorce. Ms. Goodrow is a board-certified in family law specialist who has handled over a thousand dissolutions and has decades of practice experience.

  • What is the approximate cost difference between a trial divorce and a settled divorce?
  • How exactly does a courtroom divorce work? Why is there such potential for conflict?
  • How can we agree on child custody outside of court?
  • Can a mediator or neutral third party help us develop a workable child support arrangement without a judge?
  • How can our assets be divided fairly if we don’t go to court?
  • Can we engage child experts or other professionals in a settled or mediated divorce?

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Every divorce is different. Sometimes staying out of court is impossible; sometimes litigation is in our clients’ best interest. Talk to our lawyers about your situation. A creative settlement may be possible in your case.