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During a divorce, most people tend to worry about how their assets and property will be divided. Whether it involves a family business, retirement assets or the family home, the idea of property division can cause stress and concern.

Catherine M. Goodrow, a Certified Family Law Specialist, can help ease that anxiety. For years, we have helped clients in Orange County better understand and take advantage of California’s property division laws, protecting your interests along the way.

We Focus On The Details

When working to help our clients get a favorable property division settlement, it’s important to start early and focus on the details. That’s why we work with a team of professionals, including forensic CPAs when necessary, to get an accurate and thorough valuation of divorce assets.

  • Distinguishing between marital and nonmarital assets
  • Determining the proper division of retirement assets and assisting with QDROs
  • Working to come to an agreement regarding family-owned businesses

We know that some issues are more difficult to address than others. Determining what to do with the family home, for example, can become very contentious.

By starting our work early and collaborating with other professionals, we work to craft plans and agreements that will allow you to move on without being unduly burdened.

The First Steps You Take Can Greatly Affect The Outcome Of Your Divorce

An experienced lawyer should be able to help you see strategies and outcomes that can help you best achieve your goals. By starting early and addressing property division issues as soon as possible, it allows us to make sure all the boxes are checked and all avenues are pursued.

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