Interstate Custody & Relocation

Child custody cases can be complicated when a child’s parents live in different states. Some divorces involve a parent who has moved out of state for a job, a relationship or family reasons, and another parent who resides in California.

Presley & Goodrow has extensive experience with move-away custody cases. Our attorneys can help you with your custody case if it involves questions of relocation, either yours or your child’s other parent’s.

Family Law Specialists With Extensive Custody Experience

Catherine Goodrow, a Certified Family Law Specialist, has been handling all types of custody matters for two decades. Catherine can help you answer important questions that affect your life and your relationship with your children:

  • My ex is relocating out of state (or I am relocating out of state). How do we establish a workable visitation schedule?
  • Do I have the right to joint or shared custody?
  • What if my ex lives in California and I live in another state?
  • How do I modify a custody order after a divorce is final?
  • Will it be harder to get custody if I was never married to my child’s other parent?
  • Will our custody or visitation order have an impact on my child support?

The cardinal rule of custody is this: Every case is different and should be evaluated carefully.

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